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Welcome to my homepage!

Here you can find information about me and my research as researcher and lab manager at the Research Institute CODE, Universität der Bundeswehr München (University of Federal Armed Forces Munich), Germany. Currently my main focus is on security, privacy, and trusted communication in the field of IoT and mobile communciation. Earlier reasearch in that area is summarized under "SecureWSN", where parts are included in different EU projects (e.g., symbIoTe, SmartenIT, FLAMINGO, AutHoNe).

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You can reach me per mail or snail mail.

Top news:

  • 2021-09-27: Inaugural Lecture "Risikoerkennung und -minimierung in der vernetzten Welt" (engl. Risk detection and minimization in the connected world),                       University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 2021-09-02: Paper "A Secure Broadcast Service for LDACS with an Application to Secure GBAS" wins both Best of Session Award and Best of                       Track Award at DASC 2021
  • 2021-03-17: Accepted invitation to serve as mentor of SPACE FOUNDERS (European New Space Accelerator), Neubiberg, Germany
  • 2021-02-19: Acceptance notification of the 1st Workshop on Secure and Reliable Communication and Navigation in the Aerospace (SRCNAS).                       6th IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy, Vienna, Austria, half-day during September 7-11, 2021
  • 2021-01-17: Accepted invitation to serve as Editorial Manager for the Journal of Future Generation Computer Systems
  • 2021-01-06: Received the Venia Legendi in the area of Informatics from the University of Zurich (Switzerland)
  • 2020-10-20: 2 IETF drafts adopted by WG RAW: draft-ietf-raw-ldacs and draft-ietf-raw-technologies
  • 2020-10-15: 2 Book Chapters accepted for "Cybersecurity for Smart Home"
  • 2020-09-07: Paper "Comparing Different Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Flavors for LDACS" wins both Best of Session Award and Best of Track Award                      at DASC 2020
  • 2020-04-29: Elected as Editorial Board Member for the Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks
  • 2020-04-24: Three papers accepted at DASC 2020 entitled "Dynamic Network Reconfiguration in Safety-Critical Aeronautical Systems", "Security Concept                      for Unoccupied Aerial Systems", and "Comparing Different Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Flavors for LDACS"
  • 2020-04-10: Paper entitled "SDN-based regulated flow routing in MANETs" accepted at SMARTCOMP 2020
  • 2020-01-07: Elected as Editorial Board Member for the Journal Future Internet for the areas IoT and Cybersecurity
  • 2019-11-13: CfP for the International Teletraffic Congress (ITC 32) in 2020 published
  • 2019-11-05: New IETF draft published about L-band Digital Aeronautical Communications System (LDACS) - see draft-maeurer-raw-ldacs-00
  • 2019-09-12: Best Paper Award in Session Secure Communication at DASC 2019 received for "Evaluation of the LDACS Cybersecurity Implementation"
  • 2019-05-03: Paper entitled "AIMED: Evolving Malware with Genetic Programming to Evade Detection" accepted at IEEE TrustCom 2019
  • 2019-05-03: Invitation accepted to serve as key researcher at SBA Research, Vienna, Austria
  • 2019-04-19: Poster entitled "Training GANs to Generate Adversarial Examples Against Malware Classification" accepted at 40th IEEE Symposium                      on Security and Privacy
  • 2019-04-11: 1st Place - Best Professional Paper Competition at ICNS for paper "Towards Successful Realization of the LDACS Cybersecurity                      Architecture: An Updated Datalink Security Threat- and Risk Analysis"
  • 2019-02-28: Invitation to serve as panelist at the "Panel: Developing a cyber resilient business world and society" in the session "Rethink Cyber Security"                      at the Vienna Cybersecurity Week 2019
  • 2019-02-27: Invitation as speaker at the Vienna Cybersecurity Week 2019 for the sessions "The future of cyber security: research and expectations" and                      "Cyber Security Practical Implementation"
  • 2017-11-28: Best Paper Award at APWiMob for paper "Application of an Enhanced V2VUNet in a Complex Three-dimensional Inter-vehicular                      Communication Scenario"
  • 2017-11-14: RFC 8272 entitled "TinyIPFIX for Smart Meters in Constrained Networks" was published by the IETF
  • 2017-01-04: Invited lecturer at University of Basel (CH) for the lecture "Introduction to Internet and Security" in spring term 2017
  • 2016-12-02: Invited speaker about "Rising Privacy Issues Due to Today's IoT Development" at the Austrian Institute of technology (AIT) in Vienna, Austria
  • 2015-04-15: Invited to give Tutorial on Two-way Authentication for Tiny Devices, ITU, Study Group 17: Security, Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2014-11-07: Martin Waldburger, Patrick Poullie, Corinna Schmitt, Burkhard Stiller (Eds.): Y.3013: Socio-economic Assessment of Future Networks by                      Tussle Analysis; in: ITU-T Recommendation, Geneva, Switzerland (PDF)
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