Open Theses

Topic of interest (not limited to IoT)

  • Services for the presentation and processing of sensor data in the IoT
  • IoT - Privacy and Trust
  • Resource efficient security protocols
  • DTLS solution on constrained devices
  • Indoor localization and and their security vulnerabilities
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@ Research Institute CODE, Universityof Federal Armed Forces Munich, Munich, Germany

Running Theses

  • WebMaDa Erweiterung mit Rechte-basierter Live-Ansicht von Sensordaten in realen Raumplänen - Nico Stolberg (MA)
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@ Communication Systems Group, Department of Informatics, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Bachelor Theses

  • ECC-based Security Solution for Contiki-based Sensor Networks - Madeleine von Heyl
  • Handling of Privilege Requests in WebMaDa - Dominik Buenzli
  • Security, Privacy, and Transparency Improvements of CoMaDa - Michael Balmer
  • Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks using IPFIX under Contiki - Michael Meister
  • Design and Implementation of a Module Framework for Sensor Data Management - Christian Ott
  • Secure Data Transmission in Contiki-based Constrained Networks Offering Mututal Authentication - Serverin Siffert
  • several further theses as second supervisor

Master Theses

  • Security Improvement for Object Tracking in IoT - Stefanie Ziltener
  • Value-Network-Analysis for IoT Platforms - Yves Steiner
  • Secure Pull Request Development for TinyIPFIX in Wireless Sensor Network - Claudio Anliker
  • Secure Position Data Transmission for Object Tracking using LoRaWAN - Matthias Diez
  • Reliable Beacon Detection - Robin Engbersen
  • Design and Implementation of a Mobile App to Access and Manage Wireless Sensor Networks - Michael Keller
  • Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of an Object Tracking Motion Detection System - Jan Meier
  • Optimization of Two-way Authentication Protocol in Internet of Things - Martin Noack

Assignments (VA)

  • CoMaDa Extension Addressing Transparency Request for Data Owners - Michael Balmer
  • Security challenges in contactless payments solutions - Christian Killer
  • Guideline for Mapping Security Solutions of Wireless Sensor Networks to Security Fundamentals - Stefan Mussato
  • Database Solution for Sensor Data with Authorized Data Access Solution - Christian Ott
  • Extending the Graphical User Interface CoMaDa with Contiki Support - Sebastian Pinegger
  • WebMaDa Extension Addressing Transparency Request for Data Owners - Neva Silvestri
  • Offline Method for Graphical Visualization of Sensor Data - Tim Strasser
  • Classification and Analysis of Security Protocols and Algorithms for Constrained Networks - Niko van Wyk
  • Security challenges in contactless payments solutions - Christian Killer
  • Modular ADCP Parser - Christian Ott
  • Design of a DDoS Filtering System for Regional Customers Protection - Laurenz Shi

Software Project (SP)

  • Development of a Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm as a Software-Defined Networking Application - Alexander Hofmann
  • Optimization of TinyIPFIX Implementation in Contiki and Realtime Visualization of Data - Livio Sgier
  • Modeling and Simulating a Green Traffic Engineering tool applied to an SDN environment - Alexander Hofmann
  • Routing for Energy Efficiency in Software-Defined-Network

Computer Science Internship

  • TinyIPFIX Aggregation in Contiki - Livio Sgier

@ Chair for Network Architectures and Services, Department of Computer Science, Technische Universität München, Germany

Bachelor Theses

  • Bidirectional Data Querying with TinyIPFIX - Philip Wenger
  • Framework Development for Wireless Sensor Networks facing Configuration and Information Exchange/Export Tasks - Andre Freitag
  • Data collection in a wireless sensor network for Autonomic Home Networking - Thomas Kothmayr
  • Secure communication in Wireless Sensor Networks - Andreas Schaumeier
  • Leistungsbewertung von Routingprotokollen in drahtlosen Sensornetzen - Tsvetko Tsvetkov
  • Kommunikationsstandards in Wireless Sensor Networks - Lukas Tillmann
  • Data Aggregation using TinyIPFIX in Wireless Sensor Networks - Benjamin Ertl

Master Theses

  • Implementierung und Leistungsbewertung von Kommunikationsprotokollen auf Sensorknoten - Thema 2: Routing - Konrad Winsduz
  • A Security Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks based on DTLS - Thomas Kothmayr (in Cooperation with CSIRO, Brisbane, Australia)
  • DTLS implementation for constraint sensor hardware - Philipp Lowack


  • Secure Enrollment of Certificates for User Authentication - Michael Bothmann
  • Network Access Control based on Platform Integrity Measurement - Simon Stauber


  • Security analysis for very constrainted objects - Christian Liedl