Open Topics

BA/MA Theses

Topic of interest (not limited to IoT)

  • Adaptive Clustering within the WSN
  • Cybersecurity Analysis of an IoT Framework
  • Establishment of bidirectional communication (e.g., for updating purposes of intervals)
  • Extension of visualization mechanisms
  • Indoor localization and their security vulnerabilities / optimization of routing
  • Integration of other sensor networks using different operating systems and hardware to CoMaDa and WebMaDa
  • Intrusion detection system for SecureWSN (centralized or decentralized)
  • Linkage of other sensor networks using different operating systems and hardware to CoMaDa and WebMaDa
  • Optimization of system lifetime using energy harvesting mechanisms
  • Optimization of existing Node Localization Method
  • Privacy preservation in WSNs
  • ... and more!

Topics (BA/MA) in cooperation with external partners:

  • Distributed Trust in Mobile Environments for Digital Aeronautical Communications (pdf)
  • Security Architecture for LDACS (pdf)

Topic descriptions are partially online else available on request!

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Competence Trainings (ger. Kompetenztraining; currently only German title announced, English no problem)

  • Auslagerung von Bibliotheken in Konfigurationsdateien für WebMaDa
  • Datenfilterung (pdf)
  • Implementierungsarbeiten zur Visualisierung von Sensordaten (pdf)
  • Integration eines Linters zur Qualitätssicherung beim Coden im Projekt SecureWSN
  • Integration eines Updatemechanismus für Messintervalle in SecureWSN nach dem Prinzip der bidiektionaler Kommunikation

Different ideas exist? Come over and talk!

Running and Advised Theses

@ Research Institute CODE, University of Federal Armed Forces Munich, Munich, Germany

Theses marked with * are supervised at the Ludwig-Maximilian University.

Running Theses/Trainings

  • Aggregation Support in Constrained Networks following TinyIPFIX under RIOT OS (BA) (*)
  • Benchmarking für Basisfunktionalitäten in WebMaDa (BA) (*)
  • Certificateless DTLS in Wireless Sensor Networks (MA) (*)
  • CoMaDa 2.0 (MA) (*)
  • Dockerimagebildung unter RIOT-OS auf Raspberry Pi (competence training)
  • Evaluation of open-source web application vulnerability scanners (BA) (*)
  • Indoor Localization without GPS under RIOT OS (BA) (*)
  • Investigation of the Interplay between Cell Morphology and Migration (BA) (*)
  • Quantum Secure Public-Key Encryption in IoT Networks (MA) (*)
  • Secure Data Transmission in Constrained Networks - Topic 1 (BA) (*)
  • Standard-based Threat Analysis of WebMaDa (BA)
  • Trustworthiness Check for Environmental Measurements in WebMaDa (BA) (*)
  • Visualization of Collector Status with Interaction Triggering in a Dynamic Floor Map (BA) (*)
  • Waiting for you!

Concluded Master Thesis

  • Control Plane Security of LDACS
  • Design and Implemetation of a Code-Staging Solution for WebMaDa
  • ID-based Signing with Group IKEv2 in Constrained Networks (*)
  • Role/Attribute-based Privilege Management for WebMaDa (*)

Concluded Bachelor Theses

  • Code-Documentation of WebMaDa in SecureWSN (*)
  • Controller-based Routing in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (*)
  • Creation of a home automation system linked to SecureWSN (*)
  • Design & Implementation of a Raspberry Pi Gateway for SecureWSN (*)
  • Design and Implementation of a Geospatial IoTNaming System: Database and Web Application
  • Design and Implementation of a Geospatial IoTNaming System: Geographic Polygons
  • DTLS-based Security Solution for Constrained Devices using Contiki (*)
  • Entwicklung einer automatisierten Schwachstellenanalyse der Automotive Cloud
  • Indoor Localization under RIOT OS (*)
  • Network Ownership Transfer of WSNs Inside a Closed Network
  • Raspberry Pi CoMaDa Instance Supporting Different Operating Systems and Features in Parallel (*)
  • Sicherheitskonzept für Fahrzeugarchitekturen mit Fokus auf ein spezifisches Angriffsscenario (*)
  • TinyIPFIX-based Data Collection in Constrained Networks under RIOT OS (*)
  • Trustworthiness Check for Environmental Measurements in CoMaDa (*)
  • USB Port Hacking in an Automotive Setting

Concluded Competence Trainings

  • Bidirectional communication in constrained devices
  • Qualitätssicherung der Weboberfläche des mobilen Frameworks von SecureWSN
  • Upgrading SecureWSN's Virtual Machine
  • SecureWSN's Virtual Machine Migration

@ Communication Systems Group, Department of Informatics, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Concluded Bachelor Theses

  • Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks using IPFIX under Contiki
  • Design and Implementation of a Module Framework for Sensor Data Management
  • ECC-based Security Solution for Contiki-based Sensor Networks
  • Handling of Privilege Requests in WebMaDa
  • Security, Privacy, and Transparency Improvements of CoMaDa
  • Secure Data Transmission in Contiki-based Constrained Networks Offering Mututal Authentication
  • several further theses as second advisor

Concluded Master Theses

  • Design and Implementation of a Mobile App to Access and Manage Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of an Object Tracking Motion Detection System
  • Reliable Beacon Detection
  • Optimization of Two-way Authentication Protocol in Internet of Things
  • Secure Position Data Transmission for Object Tracking using LoRaWAN
  • Secure Pull Request Development for TinyIPFIX in Wireless Sensor Network
  • Security Improvement for Object Tracking in IoT
  • Value-Network-Analysis for IoT Platforms
  • several further theses as second advisor

Concluded Assignments (VA)

  • Classification and Analysis of Security Protocols and Algorithms for Constrained Networks
  • CoMaDa Extension Addressing Transparency Request for Data Owners
  • Database Solution for Sensor Data with Authorized Data Access Solution
  • Design of a DDoS Filtering System for Regional Customers Protection
  • Extending the Graphical User Interface CoMaDa with Contiki Support
  • Guideline for Mapping Security Solutions of Wireless Sensor Networks to Security Fundamentals
  • Modular ADCP Parser
  • Offline Method for Graphical Visualization of Sensor Data
  • Security challenges in contactless payments solutions
  • WebMaDa Extension Addressing Transparency Request for Data Owners

Concluded Software Projects (SP)

  • Development of a Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm as a Software-Defined Networking Application
  • Modeling and Simulating a Green Traffic Engineering tool applied to an SDN environment
  • Optimization of TinyIPFIX Implementation in Contiki and Realtime Visualization of Data
  • Routing for Energy Efficiency in Software-Defined-Network

Concluded Computer Science Internship

  • TinyIPFIX Aggregation in Contiki

@ Chair for Network Architectures and Services, Department of Computer Science, Technische Universität München, Germany

Concluded Bachelor Theses

  • Bidirectional Data Querying with TinyIPFIX
  • Data Aggregation using TinyIPFIX in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Data Collection in a Wireless Sensor Network for Autonomic Home Networking
  • Framework Development for Wireless Sensor Networks facing Configuration and Information Exchange/Export Tasks
  • Kommunikationsstandards in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Leistungsbewertung von Routingprotokollen in drahtlosen Sensornetzen
  • Secure communication in Wireless Sensor Networks

Concluded Master Theses

  • A Security Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks based on DTLS (in Cooperation with CSIRO, Brisbane, Australia)
  • DTLS implementation for constraint sensor hardware
  • Implementierung und Leistungsbewertung von Kommunikationsprotokollen auf Sensorknoten - Thema 2: Routing

Concluded SEPs

  • Network Access Control based on Platform Integrity Measurement
  • Secure Enrollment of Certificates for User Authentication

Concluded Zulassungsarbeit

  • Security Analysis For Very Constrainted Objects