If publications are not online available do not hesitate to contact me!

In addition to the publications mentioned, further technical reports have been produced in the context of national and international projects (e.g., CONCORDIA, BERKoS, AutHoNe, SmartenIT, FLAMINGO, NSN, EADS, symbIoTe), as well as various seminar proceedings during my employment at the Technische Universität München, the University of Zurich and the Research Institute CODE.

Futhermore, I published several online news around the EU project SmartenIT that are not listed below but can be found here!

Within the EU Projects FLAMINGO I was involved in online course material that are not listed below but can be found here!

Currently three publications were awarded as best papers, where one receive two awards at one conference.

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Demonstrators (4)

N.Mäurer, T.Gräupl, C. Schmitt: FACTS2: Framework for Aeronautical Communications and Traffic Simulations 2. 22nd ACM International Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems (MSWiM), Miami Beach, FL, USA, November 25-29, 2019

C.Schmitt, M.Keller, B. Stiller: WebMaDa: Web-based Mobile Access and Data Handling Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks. International Conference on Networked Systems (NetSys), KiVS, Cottbus, Germany, March 10, 2015

C.Schmitt: TinyIPFIX for Home Application - Demonstrator, Workshop: Future Networked IT for Buildings. Technische Universität München, Munich (GER), May 18, 2011

G.Carle, H.Kinkelin, M.-O. Pahl, A.Müller, L.Braun, C.Schmitt: Autonomic Home Networking - Subproject Autonomic and Secure Networks. AVS 2. öffentliches Statusmeeting AVS, Berlin, Germany, February 11-12, 2010